Meet Abhi, he’s recently returned from a trek to Mount Everest’s Base Camp, to check out the world’s highest comedy show, Stand Up on Everest. Abhi works in the ED department at Auckland Hospital, and he was the accompanying medic for this hike. He’s also a board member on the Men’s Health Trust, and a huge supporter of healthy living. Abhi loves to travel, and this trip combined his passion for adventure with his career in medicine. Last week we caught up with Abhi to talk about how this trip came together.

Abhi’s journey to Everest Base Camp took 2 years of planning, 12 intense days of hiking, and too many servings of rice.

He first found out about Stand Up on Everest when he was researching his options on guided treks to base camp.

Originally the trip was first planned for 2014, but an earthquake struck the greater Nepal region, and it was cancelled. The team had to wait another year, until yet another earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015. This earthquake was a deadly 8.1 Ms, which triggered avalanches on Mount Everest and caused the most fatalities per day in the mountain’s history.

This year, mother nature was kinder. In April 2016, seventeen people embarked on this fourteen day adventure.

As the medic for this trip, Abhi was responsible for everyone’s health. Spoiler alert, everyone survived, but ensuring this took a lot of preparation. Abhi had to do an immense amount of research, and organise specialised insurance and supplies. After much consideration, and in consultation with his Mum (also a doctor) he managed to reduce the medicine kit down to 2kgs. When you’re at high altitude, every kilo feels like a ton.

With his medical essentials sorted, and his bag packed, Abhi boarded his flight to Nepal. It was there he met the team he would be spending the next two weeks with. This included the hilarious line up of comedians; Wayne Deakin, Tom Wrigglesworth, Martin Mor, and Mickey D. They performed 5,364 meters above sea level, breaking the Guinness World Record for the highest comedy show on earth.

Visiting the highest mountain in the world is surely a trip of a lifetime, and Abhi figured that if he was going to climb for 6 days, there better be a reason to laugh at the end of it.

Stand Up on Everest supports Save the Children, who are a charity that helps to improve the lives of children in Nepal. To donate to this cause and find out more about the event, visit An Idiot On Everest.

By Chloe McLeod

Abhi Himalayas