About the trust


We’re a registered charity, in action since 2007, promoting good health for the men of New Zealand. We want all men to make good health choices, to take action to live healthier every day, and to have easy access to health information that relates directly to them. We want to reduce illness and disease caused by being overweight and making poor diet choices. We want to save our brothers from dying of illnesses that could have been cured if they’d taken action sooner. We’re all about helping men live healthier and happier.


We provide health information for men, connect men with support agencies, fund men’s health scholarships, run workplace health talks, and create inspiring health campaigns. We work collaboratively with other health organisations to provide the best information available. We are an information hub for men’s health services in New Zealand.

There are a few things we’re not. We’re not a voice for men and we don’t speak on behalf of men. We’re not a funding body for men’s health projects. And we’re not a health service provider; we don’t provide medical or counselling services.


With knowledge, we have the confidence to take action. We create a range of brochures on men’s health topics including signs and symptoms of common health conditions, and what to ask for when you see a doctor for a general health check-up. We also provide information on how to find a doctor if you don’t have one.


By sharing stories of how men we know have changed their habits and what they’re doing to live healthier, we can inspire other men to do the same. We share these stories and tips through our website, facebook, and our monthly e-newsletter.


By taking Men’s Health to the workplace with our Men’s Health Talk, we reach hundreds of men directly every year. In our presentations, we talk about the benefits of living healthier (and what will happen if we don’t), we share tips on making healthy lifestyle choices, we do some basic medical health checks, we encourage men to look out for the warning signs of diseases like prostate cancer and bowl cancer and encourage early treatment, and we address some of New Zealand’s biggest killers – obesity and heart disease.


Through our partnership with Unitec Institute of Technology, we award 12 Men’s Health Scholarships every year, to men studying nursing, osteopathy, health promotion, sports science, radiography and social services – fields where men are sometimes underrepresented, and where they can affect real change in men’s health after graduating.


Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors whose generosity enables us to continue our work. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Men’s Health Trust NZ we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email with sponsorship in the heading and we’ll get right back to you.


We love getting together to raise money and awareness for Men’s Health. Every year we host a number of our own fundraising events as well as coordinating events from around the country in our events calendar. So get your mates together and come join us.

2019 Men's Health Breakfast


We use billboards and street posters nationwide to get men’s attention, and to get them talking and thinking about their heath. Our campaigns are often provocative as well as newsworthy, gaining additional media coverage, like our speech bubble campaign.


Phil Clemas

Chairman and Trustee

I try pretty hard to live a healthy life, balancing being CEO of Lumo Digital Outdoor with being a husband, father to three great kids, and avid CrossFit fan. I’m a strong advocate of workplace health initiatives and introduced the 10,000 steps programme into NZ in the 90s. I’m proud of the work we do at the Men’s Health Trust, inspiring men to make positive and rewarding lifestyle choices.

Dr Graeme Washer

Medical Advisor and Trustee

I’ve been involved with Men’s Health since it’s inception in 2007. It’s important to me that men see their doctor as their coach, someone to guide them to better health. In my work as a specialist surgeon in abdominal and colorectal disease I meet a lot of men who should have seen their doctor sooner, which is why the work we do at the Trust is so important. Guys need to open up and talk about their health, both physical and mental.

Dr Abhi Charukonda

Men's Health Ambassador

Dr Abhi Charukonda is an anaethetist, and previously a Doctor in the Emergency Department at Auckland Hospital.

"I have witnessed an increasing number of young men rushed to hospital having heart attacks because they’re overweight and out of shape. We’ve got to look after our bodies so we can get the most out of life. I love travelling and exploring the world, but my most valued time is that spent with my family."

John Berry


I started my career as a lawyer before working for Deutsche Bank, running a team across London, Frankfurt and New York. I started to realise that working all the time was having a negative impact on my health and mind and I needed a healthier balance between work and recreation. Now, I enjoy co-directing my fund management business Pathfinder Asset Management and make sure I take time to enjoy the other things I love - sailing, skiing, writing, and spending time with my wife and sons.

Deidre Winter


My commitment to the Trust is very personal due to the early deaths of my brother at age 47 and my nephew at age 18. Both deaths were preventable. My aim for the Trust is to provide men with the resources and support they need so that this doesn’t happen. Outside of Men’s Health, I am the managing director and owner of Mailshop, a digital print and mail processing company.

Craig Polley


Men’s health awareness is important because guys just don’t pay attention to it and ignore the signs of serious illness until its too late. I’m passionate about changing this. Outside men’s health, I’m a father, husband, twin, and executive director of Image Centre Group, NZ’s largest independent marketing communications group.

Paul Kane


Being healthy is a big part of my life. I love spending time with my family and try to fit in as much sporting activity as time allows – cycling, rugby, swimming, and helping out my kids with their sporting pursuits. I’ve spent many years as a Chief Financial Officer in a diverse range of companies including venture capital, import distribution, and telecommunications. I am now a partner at international accounting firm Grant Thornton.

Pulotu Selio Solomon


I am passionate about creating healthy living for all, with a focus on pacific people. I provide the Men's Health Trust with a pacific viewpoint, and am also able to draw on my own experience of journeying from obesity to living fit. Outside of the Trust I am the CEO of Martin Hautus Pacific Peoples Learning Institute and represent on several boards that serve our pacific peoples.

Robin Leaton

Fitness Advisor

I’m a physiotherapist, personal trainer, father, husband, business owner, and advisor to the Men’s Health Trust. I work directly with men and their health and fitness concerns every day. This puts me in a good position to assist the Trust by providing tips for their workplace health programmes that are relevant and on trend.

Colleen Thurston

Founding Chairman / Trustee

I set up the Trust to be a major catalyst in changing how Kiwi men view their health and to make our blokes more aware that they can get effective help early on to address specific health issues they may be ignoring or hoping will go away. It’s OK for men to talk about health concerns, and it’s OK for men to seek medical advice and to acknowledge that they have specific male health issues that we all have to be concerned about.

Prof Helen Nicholson

Associate Trustee

Men’s health has been an important part of my life for the last 35 years. After training as a medical doctor I embarked on a career in Urology before returning to the University of Bristol to undertake research in the area of male reproduction and prostate disease, as well as assisting in training the next generations of doctors. I became involved with MHTNZ in 2012 when they commissioned me to write a report on New Zealand Men’s Health. I am currently the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) at Otago, but more importantly I am a wife and mother.

Lee-Anne Wann


I’m a health and fitness consultant and performance nutritionist who likes to focus on getting back to basics when I’m coaching. I have over 30 qualifications so I’m right up to date with the latest scientific research and health innovations. I run my own health practice lee-annewan.com, I’m the nutritionist for the Vodafone Warriors, I write for several health publications and am currently working on my 4th book. I love working with the Men’s Health Trust helping them inspire men to get healthier.

Rachael Sutton

Marketing, Events and Sponsorship Manager