In February this year, weighing 105kg and wearing size 2XL pants, Edward (68) from Onehunga knew he had to lose weight and get fitter. His diet was making him overweight and sluggish, he struggled to walk very far without feeling out of breath, and he was on medication to help him sleep. He also suffered from gout.

Over the last four months, Edwards has managed to lose about 15kg and has gone from size XXL pants to size L. His health has also improved dramatically.

In February, when Edward went to the nurse to get his blood pressure checked, he was diagnosed with hypertension – high blood pressure.

Instead of just prescribing pills and leaving Edward with the advice to eat better, exercise more, and lose weight, the nurse wrote him a Sport Auckland ‘Green Prescription’, a course for healthier living.

Edward had known he would need to make lifestyle changes to be healthier and lose weight, but it wasn’t easy to keep the willpower.

His Sport Auckland Green Prescription started with a consultation with a health advisor, where Edward set his health and fitness goals.

He then attended the weekly Sport Auckland Green Prescription workshops, where he learnt how to read food labels, how to eat healthy on a small budget, the best foods to cut out to lose weight, and what a healthy portion size was.

Looking at his diet, he identified where he could get the best results:

  1. His portion sizes were far to big, so he committed to eating smaller meals.
    He was eating too many carbohydrates (bread, potatoes and rice).
  2. He committed to eating less carbs and more protein.
  3. He could eat less sugar. He cut out the 2 teaspoons of sugar he was having in every tea and coffee, and now goes cold turkey.
  4. He ate too many take-aways. Instead, he started making sandwiches for lunch the night before work, and bringing them to work with him.

He also joined his local gym and bought an exercise bike for his home which he uses most mornings. Having had a knee replacement a few years ago, cycling is better for his joints and doesn’t cause him knee pain.

Over the next four months, Edward lost 14kgs and went from a size XXl to a size L. He now weights in at 91kg, is off his sleep medication and has a lot more energy.

“Making small changes and consistency are key” says Edward.

Colleagues at his work and his family have all noticed the difference in his size and his energy levels. Edward is also using his knowledge to improve the health of his family – leading by example.

Green Prescription is a government funded, Nationwide programme to help people lose weight and get healthier. Talk to your doctor or nurse to see if you qualify.

Find out more about getting a GREEN PRESCRIPTION.