This month Riki shares his story about his life changing concussion, we join the Global Action for Men’s Health, Lee-Anne Wann shares some great tips for boosting energy levels, and we welcome our new Sponsorship and Events Manager, Matt Horrocks.

Riki’s Concussion

Riki Hoeata, 28, suffered a concussion that ended his rugby playing career playing in the NPC. Find out how he turned that around and launched his own business, and read some good common sense advice he’s got to share about recognising and dealing with concussion. We also launch our new CONCUSSION section in the Health Topics section of our website.

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Matt joins the Men’s Health team

A warm welcome to Matt Horrocks, our new Sponsorship & Events Manager. Matt joins us from his most recent post as Story Producer for Attitude, (TVNZ Sunday mornings), a leading media platform for the world of disabilities. Exciting times ahead for the Men’s Health Trust.

Global Action for Men’s Health

Men’s Health is proud to announce we’ve been chosen to represent New Zealand on the Global Action for Men’s Health. This is a worldwide organisation who have made it their mission to create a world where all men and boys have the opportunity to achieve the best possible health and wellbeing wherever they live and whatever their backgrounds. Find out more about them here.

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Top Tips for Boosting Energy

  1. Chia seeds
  2. Morning exercise
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Yerba mate tea
  5. Avoid toxins

Feeling a bit sluggish? Check out these great tips for boosting your energy levels from our health and fitness advisor Lee-Anne Wann.

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