Fundraise for men's health

You can help fundraise for Men’s Health by joining an existing event or holding your own fundraising event.


There are always lots of events you can join in with to fundraise for Men’s Health. Find out what’s going on in your area and join up. It might be the Auckland Marathon, Round the Bays, Stadium Stomp, the REV cycle, Round the Bridges in Hamilton, the Queenstown Marathon, the Rotorua Marathon, or some other event you can enter. Just get your ticket, set your goal, and you’re ready to set up an online fundraising page for the Men’s Health Trust.

To set up your fundraising page, go to EverydayHero. Check out our Fundraising 101 section for all the tips you’ll need on setting up a successful fundraising page.


We love it when our mates come up with their own fundraising ideas. It might be a quiz night, a shave-off, a party, a concert, a raffle, a sports day, or anything else you think might be a fun way to raise money for Men’s Health. Send us an email telling us what you’d like to do and we can help you organise it. You’ll find some great fundraising tips in our Fundraising 101 section below.



fundraising 101

Go to our link on the EverydayHero website to set up your own online Fundraising page.

Your supporters can then make donations directly to your page and you can see how much money you’re raising. All the money donated goes automatically to the Men’s Health Trust so you don’t need to worry about transferring the funds. This also makes it more secure for your supporters, because they know the money they give you is going directly to your cause. Your fundraising page should be easy to set up following the prompts, but if you need help, just send us an email (with the subject line: Setting up fundraising page) and we’ll give you a hand.

People need deadlines to spring them into action, so make sure you let people know exactly

  • WHAT you are doing
  • WHEN the event is taking place

If you’re using a default fundraising page, login to personalise it with your own story. For example:

“I have never run a marathon before – but I’m setting myself this challenge. Hips, hamstrings, knees and mind willing, I will be lining up to start the Auckland Marathon on 30 October 2016. Not only will I be running for myself but supporting a charity very close to my own and many other New Zealander’s hearts, the Men’s Health Trust.”


People give to people they feel connected to, and they will support your cause if you let them know how passionate you are about it. So don’t be afraid to use emotive words. For example:

“In memory of my dad who passed away March 6 2011, I am setting myself the challenge of running a marathon this October, and raising money for the Men’s Health Trust (@menshealthnz) . Please support me, and this great cause. I have never run anywhere near that far before – I need all the help I can get! Please support my run in memory of dad and donate here. “

What is it that inspired you? For example:

“I’m choosing to raise money for Men’s Health because I think they’re making a difference to the way men think about their health, both mental and physical, and they’re helping men live happier and healthier lives.”

Use a photo of you doing what you’ll be doing in your fundraiser. It helps tell your story and it helps your supporters form an emotional connection with you if they know what you look like.

facebook post shave off

Write a post on Facebook, and create a Facebook event. In your post, ask people to donate to your fundraiser and include a link to your fundraising page. Again, make sure you include a picture – and tag yourself in the picture so your mates and family are more likely to see it.

Facebook is very instant, so your post might get buried at the bottom of newsfeeds pretty quickly. Also, just because people read your post, most people won’t click through directly from your post to make a donation. So, particularly with family, it’s good to send a quick email about what you’re doing and ask them to give you support and donate to your cause that way.

It’s useful to have a quick email template made up that includes all the information about what you’re doing, with a link to your fundraising page. Then when people say to you: “Great cause – I’ll support you”, you can just flick a copy of that email straight through to them. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find your online fundraising page.

In the lead up to your event, post an update on Facebook, again with a photo. For example:

“Three days to go till the big date. Thanks to everyone (or name them personally) for donating! I have raised $370 for men’s health – and my goal is $500. If you were thinking about donating but haven’t got around to it yet – donate here xxxx. Thanks again, you all rock.”

If Men’s Health is a cause you care about, we recommend you get some skin in the game. Make the first donation to your online fundraising page yourself to get the ball rolling. When people go to make a donation, they will see that you’re supporting the cause too.

Just because you have an online fundraising page doesn’t mean all your money has to be raised online. You might want to host a sausage sizzle outside your local hardware store, throw a raffle at your workplace, or sell items on TradeMe to fundraise towards your goal. If you need collection buckets, or other help, phone us or send us an email (with the subject line: Help me with my Fundraiser).

To transfer the money to us, follow the instructions on our How You Can Help page.