Geordie’s wife recommended he watch “That Sugar Film”. The film highlights the negative effects sugar has on the body, and how much sugar is hidden in everyday foods.

As a result, Geordie sat down with his wife and looked at what he was eating on a regular basis to work out his own sugar intake. He was surprised at how much sugar he was eating in a day without realising….

His usual diet would consist of the kiwi favourite of weetbix with milk and sugar for breakfast with a trim mocha, morning tea was another trim mocha and a Danish of some description, and for lunch a burger and onion rings was a regular option. A couple of cups of tea with a couple of sugars were also consumed during the day. Wine usually accompanied a healthy family dinner with a chocolate bar for desert. This totalled approximately 35 teaspoons of sugar, which greatly exceeds the recommended intake.

Even playing squash and running couldn’t combat the negative effects that were happening to his body on an everyday basis, including weight gain, joint pain and lethargy.

that sugar filmThat Sugar Film tells us sugar is highly addictive and even though Geordie could have slowly reduced his intake he decided that going cold turkey for three weeks until his taste buds changed was the only way to do it.

He swapped out his mochas for long blacks or green tea, cut out a lot of processed foods (including swapping out bought lunches for homemade), and ate fresh foods instead and cut out the alcohol.

Not surprisingly, his wife reported that his new regimen was making him grumpy, which wasn’t his usual style at all.

However, it paid off. Two months after starting, Geordie weighed in 6kg lighter, he was more alert and didn’t suffer the afternoon slump that was occurring. His wallet was also fuller as he wasn’t wasting money on junk food. When he does eat processed foods or pastries he used to enjoy, he often finds them too sweet.

In a year of trying new things, he also has taken up BROGA – Yoga for men. He has committed to doing 10 weekly sessions on Thursdays. The advantage of doing yoga in a class with all men, he says, is that you don’t feel like the least flexible one in the room. Of course there are natural yogis, and guys that have been doing it for years, but there is also a number of guys like him, who are just there to give it a go.