After seeing his father pass away from a heart attack aged just 62, Michael could see the same fate for himself if he didn’t make some radical lifestyle changes.  So, starting March 2014, weighing in at 120kgs, he made the decision to commit to running everyday for at least a year.

It’s not a new thing, officially it is called a ‘running streak’. The rules of this as set out by the US-based Streak Runners International are:
‘You must run at least one continuous mile (1.6km), each calendar day, ”under one’s own body power (without the utilisation of any type of health or mechanical aid other than prosthetic devices)”, without crutches, canes, banisters, or in swimming pools.’

To keep motivated and hold himself accountable, Mike came up with a novel routine:
“Every day I record on Facebook my run streak  and take shots of the scenery as I run, then I take a Usain Bolt pose.”

Michael described the first 21 days in a row the hardest, as this was the time he was forming a new habit.  Most days, he runs between 4km and 6km (25-35 mins) and has recently hit his 500th day in a row.

Of course, some days he finds himself heading out at odd hours, running late at night or super early in the morning, but for him – not running in a 24 hour period is not an option.

More than 500 days later, with his weight down to 102kgs, and showing no sign of giving up what he started, Michael signed up to run the Auckland Marathon for the Men’s Health Trust. Thank you Mike, you’re a legend!

Back in 2013, Michael ran the Auckland Marathon in a time of 6.5 hours, finishing as the course was being packed up around him. This was captured in an emotional video by Seven Sharp called Winning Losers. Watch it here.