It’s easy to get your workplace involved in Men’s Health Month:

  1. Download and print out our Men’s Health Month posters from the resources section below and put them up around your workplace
  2. Order our MEN’S HEALTH BROCHURES for your workplace.
  3. Book a table for 10 at the nib MEN’S HEALTH BREAKFAST and bring your valued clients.
  4. Host your own FUNDRAISING EVENT for Men’s Health.
  5. Wear #MenStartTalking t-shirts from our SHOP to show your support.
  6. Use #MenStartTalking pens from our SHOP  in your workplace to show your support.
  7. Book a MEN’S HEALTH TALK for your workplace in the weeks following Men’s Health Month for additional motivation and a healthier workforce.


Copy and paste into your workplace newsletter:

MEN’S HEALTH MONTH – Week 1: Get A Check-Up

“JUNE is Men’s Health Month. The theme is #MenStartTalking, and every week we’ll be focusing on a different aspect of Men’s Health. This week, get a Check-Up. If you’re going to your doctor regularly, they’ll tell you there’s almost nothing they can’t help you with. Even something like cancer is treatable if you catch it early. But if you haven’t been to the doctor for a few years, (some of us haven’t been for ten years or more), the fear factor can be massive. You almost don’t realise how big it is until you phone up to book your appointment. Brave it out. Pick up the phone and make an appointment to see your doctor for a general check-up this week, even if you don’t think there’s anything wrong.”


Workplace activities:

  • Distribute our Men’s Health Check-Ups brochure through your workplace. It has common sense information about what to expect and what to ask your doctor to check when you go. Download it here. Or for a stack of hardcopies, email us.

  • Get your workplace to subsidise a Men’s Health Check-up for its workers at your local health clinic.
  • Organise a long term arrangement where your workplace subsidises workers visits to your local health clinic, and encourage them to go at the first sign of a problem. This will pay dividends in the long run with reduced sick leave and a healthier workforce.

Copy and paste into your workplace newsletter:

MEN’S HEALTH MONTH – Week 2: Sugar Sux

“We now know that sugar is causing an epidemic of health problems: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, low energy. It’s hidden in so many processed foods, half the time we don’t even know we’re eating it. Take a look at what you’re putting into your body. If you’ve gotten into the habit of eating packet meals and drinking sugary drinks, try preparing your meals from basic ingredients and drinking water, even if it’s just for a week. You’ll feel better for it and maybe break a few bad habits.” 


Workplace activities:

  • Organise a screening of That Sugar Film for your workers. It’s only $5 and will change the way you look at sugar.

  • Get rid of “energy drinks” and fizzy drinks from your workplace vending machines. Drinks like V and Red Bull are packed with sugar and are fooling their drinkers into thinking they’re healthy when they’re just the opposite.
  • Take a look at what food and drink options are available for your workers. Shiftworkers find it especially hard to get fast food that’s handy, let alone affordable. If you’re lucky enough to have a staff cafeteria, stock it with good food.

Copy and paste into your workplace newsletter:

MEN’S HEALTH MONTH – Week 3: Love Your Belly

“When you look down, can you see your toes? Or is your stomach getting in the way? We might love our bellies, but it’s a sad truth that our fat bellies aren’t loving us back. Stomach fat is actually really dangerous to our health. It wraps around our internal organs and leeches poison into our bodies. It also greatly increases our chances of developing heart disease and diabetes. So take a look at your belly this week, and decide if you need to slim down a bit. Wrap a tape measure around the biggest part of your waist, and if it’s more than half your height, its worth losing a few of those extra centimetres.”


Workplace activities:

  • Point your workers towards this page on our website: I Want To Lose Centimetres.
  • Set up a Stomach Measuring Station in your workplace. Stock it with tape measures, a height measuring chart, and a stack of Men’s Health brochures.
  • Run a motivational companywide competition for men who want to lose cm’s. Ask employees to sign up and make a commitment to losing cm’s, and offer prizes for men who hit milestones.

Copy and paste into your workplace newsletter:

MEN’S HEALTH MONTH – Week 4: How’s Your Mate?

“In our weekly Men’s Health Month updates so far, we’ve focused on our own health. Of course, it’s not all about us. How are our mates doing? How’s their health? Maybe they’ve got a problem, physical or otherwise, that they’re keeping to themselves instead of getting help for. So take a moment this week to ask your mate how he’s doing. Just starting the conversation might be what he needs to take the next step. And don’t worry about not having the right answer, just get that conversation started. #MenStartTalking”


Workplace activities:

  • Put up our “Ask Your Mate How He’s Doing” posters around your workplace. Click on these images to download them here.

  • Share this video. It’s the story of a guy who saved his workmate’s life by caring enough to ask how he was. He’s Australian, but don’t hold that against him.

  • Make accessing counselling and support services easier. If your workplace has free EAP counselling for staff, make sure staff know about it, and know the process for accessing it.
  • Check out the HeadsUp Website for information on creating a mentally healthy workplace.