Mike Kingon thought he just had a bit of heartburn over the weekend so drank a lot of milk to try and settle it. On the following Monday he had a heart attack.

Mike, 51, a fibre optic installer, knew there was a history of heart attacks in his family but didn’t realise this immediately made him a high risk candidate. His mother died from a heart attack at 28 and his father survived a heart attack at 55. In Mike’s own words,


“It took something big like this for me to make a change.”
Now, with two life saving stents installed to keep his arteries open, Mike has made an instant decision to stop smoking. Knowing he is at a higher risk of heart attack than other men his age with family history being a huge factor and smoking, a contributing factor, means he has to be extra vigilant.


“It was a real wake-up call.”
Mike is recovering well after the surgery at North Shore hospital and is feeling well. Good on ya Mike.


Mike shared his story with us through the ‘Share Your Story’ link in the HEART ATTACK section of our website because he wanted to help other men understand what a major role your family history plays in your risk of having a heart attack.