“The way you’re going you won’t reach 40”

These were the words that kick-started George (26) on his weight loss journey that saw him drop from 160kg to 78kg in just over a year.

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Health Check-Ups?

If you have never had a health check-up and don’t know where to start, check out our handy Health Checks by Age info.

Health Checks By Age

Seeby Chooses Happiness

It was a chain of bad events, culminating in an infection that left half his face paralysed that left Orcon founder Seeby Woodhouse feeling (in his words) ‘a miserable bastard’.  He found a change of attitude was really the only way forward.

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Frontline Stories: Rural Men’s Health

Joyce lives in rural Waikato and has been farming for over 35 years. Through her organisation StayWell, she organises health checks at farming events Nationwide. This month she shares what trends she has come across in rural men’s health.

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Men’s Health were the Winners on the Day

Pictured: team Lumo digital who took out last place, netting them a box of beer and some golf lessons!
Big thanks to the 2016 sponsors of the Parker NZ Charity Golf Day for men’s health: Parker NZ and Peaches & Cream. And to all the hole sponsors, prize donors and players.  The event raised over $30,000 for the Men’s Health Trust NZ.
We are on the look-out for event sponsors and prize donors for the 2017 golf tournament.  Get in touch if you are interested,View Facebook Album from the Event

Top Tips to Reduce Blood Pressure

With both Seeby and George experiencing high blood pressure, this month we bring you top tips to reduce blood pressure without medication:

  1. Slim down
  2. Stop smoking
  3. Drink less alcohol
  4. Eat less salt
  5. Exercise more

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