Danny Bedingfield lives in Titahi Bay with his wife Sonja and their six year old daughter Ella. He enjoys spending time with his family and plays and records music in his home studio when he gets the chance.

Danny was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer the day before his 37th birthday. According to his specialist, Danny is one of the youngest he had ever treated for prostate cancer.

Seven months before that, his father Phil passed away after a five year battle with metastatic prostate cancer. Being aware that prostate cancer had the potential to be a family issue, Danny’s mother impressed on him the need for regular checks. Little did they know he already had the disease.

One month after his diagnosis, Danny underwent a robotic radical prostatectomy to remove the prostate gland. In traditional prostate cancer surgery, men are left with a large scar where an incision has been made in the abdomen. With robot assisted surgery, the surgery is done through a series of smaller incisions which can leave less scarring.

Danny recovered well from the surgery and only needed a catheter for a short time. His erectile function has now fully recovered. However, as is usual with prostate cancer treatment, he is now infertile.

Danny is 40 now. His regular PSA blood tests have come back with virtually no PSA levels so far. The future is looking good.

Since his encounter with the disease, Danny has made it his personal mission to increase awareness for younger men, and to get PSA blood tests and start regular appointments after the age of 40.

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Danny had a very successful Movember campaign in 2013 when he came 3rd in the country for money raised. In 2015 he ran a Movember campaign to get his new company involved. He ended up being voted “MO” of the year for Thomson Reuters (Over 50,000 employees worldwide) and won extra cash for the team’s fundraising page.

A primary school teacher by profession, Danny was most recently an education consultant training teachers in the use of technology to enhance student learning. Specifically, Danny has an interest in learning differences and the way technology can assist those struggling to learn by traditional teaching methods.

Danny has been involved with the Prostate Cancer Foundation for several years. He is currently the Support Group Coordinator for Porirua and was recently elected to the Board of the Foundation. He enjoys attending events and getting the chance to share his story with men of all ages.

Thanks for sharing your story Danny.

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