So this is what half a smile looks like (and a lengthy but worthwhile story about why)….

“So…I’ve done an absolute ton of spiritual study and personal development over the last year, and a lot of it all boils down to this:
The one choice you always have, is to CHOOSE how you are going to feel about a certain circumstance. To CHOOSE your own attitude”. (This is what Nazi concentration camp survivor Viktor Frankel’s book “Man’s Search For Meaning” was about).

But was I living or applying that learning, that lesson? That you can CHOOSE to be happy every day no matter what? No. not at all. Frankly I was caught up in being a miserable bastard.
– Three weeks ago I was in India staying in a 5 star hotel, on an amazing holiday, and in perfect health, and was I happy? No. I was just miserable about my divorce;

– Then: 2 weeks ago I got Delhi Belly / diahrrea so was miserable about that;
– Then: after that I got a fever and hideously nasty snotty nose, so was miserable about that;
– Then: I went to my GP for the above and discovered that my blood pressure is an astronomically high 200/120, and that it’s more likely to be as a result of heart damage from years of partying, rather than fever, so I became scared and worried that I literally may drop dead some day soon;
– Then: I went to Queenstown with my friends for an amazing break, but instead of enjoying it I was just worrying and stressed about my health the whole time;
– Then: after the nose infection got into my ear, I have totally lost all hearing in one ear, and I was miserable about that as it could mean permanent deafness in that ear;
– Then: this morning the infection / nerve damage has spread to the whole left hand side of my face so that my face is paralyzed and I can’t smile or eat properly;

So: sitting here being admitted to hospital on a Sunday with a dodgy ticker, potentially permanently totally deaf left ear and facial paralysis, I had to laugh at my situation as I finally got the message:
I started choosing to find stuff to be happy about:
– like the fact I’m in NZ and I’ve got access to world class medical care,
– I’ve got the money to pay for it,
– and any of the other dozens of other things that I can find that are good in my life…

And the funny thing is that now that I “get it”, even with all the bad luck of the last couple of weeks, I’m actually happier now than I was in perfect health on holiday 3 weeks ago. There is a difference in knowing something, and actually applying it..
– Search for the good in every situation and be happy.
– Search for the bad and be miserable.
And…half a smile is better than none 😜

If my hearing and face problems get better and my comprehensive heart tests turn out ok in a week or so, then I’m going to be so ecstatically happy it’ll be ridiculous – and then somehow India will actually have delivered the Happiness I was seeking. It has a way of doing that. Of stripping you bare, and feeding your soul at the same time…”

– Seeby Woodhouse
22 Nov 2016, from with his permission


As a teenager, Seeby Woodhouse founded Orcon. He won Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2004, and in the same year won Young Achiever of the Year. He has since founded a commercial property company Seeby Properties, and now runs Voyager Internet – a business and wholesale focussed ISP.