Tom, 27, had a vasectomy two months ago. He spoke to Men’s Health about the whole experience and how he came to make the decision.


“Hey there, I’m Tom, 27 and, I’ve had my testicles cut off. Just kidding, I only had a vasectomy.

Vasectomy is something I thought of for a long time. It’s something I reasoned out, followed linear situational paths in my mind of what may or may not happen if I was to get, or not to get a vasectomy and ultimately, I decided yes on vasectomy.

Initially, I reached out to all males I knew to see who had had one and to inquire of their experience. The only people that had something bad to say of it were the people who had not had one! Funny that. My other path to enlightenment was online. There’s much good information on every aspect of the procedure online, not to mention personal accounts. It was easy to get clued up on vasectomy—all it took was time.

Though vasectomy is reversible, for the most part it’s permanent. What gave me confidence to commit to the decision is my world view: overpopulation, climate change, scarcity of resource, and children already being parentless.

After getting online, I found a few decent looking vasectomy clinics in the Auckland area. The one of interest for me was Snip Clinic. Two doctors travel round the country setting up at different health clinics to perform vasectomies on men who have booked a month or so in advance. I booked 6 weeks ahead and fortunately got the time to work best for me.

After booking, they sent me an email with information and video links relative to the doctors and procedure itself. If you just watched their videos you’d still be pretty informed about all the right things. 2 weeks out from V Day, one of the nurses rang me to chat about the procedure to make sure I knew that it was permanent, to ensure I was making the correct decision and, to answer any questions I may have had.

It was time to get the vasectomy! It was all very easy. The consultation/operation was only 20 minutes in total. That included dealing with paperwork, some question answer feedback and the vasectomy itself. I saw Dr. Bivona. Even though it was right at the end of the day and he looked super bored, he was helpful and kept talking to me through the procedure to keep my mind off him cutting up my junk. There was the option to be fully sedated though I chose only local anaesthesia.

The worst parts about it were taking my pants off in front of another guy, allowing a man I’d just met to fondle around with ma bits, the nerves associated with the unknown and, the worst and most painful part was the initial action of using a needle to inject anaesthesia into the area. Oh also, the EFTPOS machine didn’t work so they couldn’t charge me then and there which was a bit annoying. Apart from that, everything was very easy. I was also able to leave with a home testing kit which is great for when the 3 month sperm test comes up. The operation cost $395.00 and the home test kit, $40, (all tax inclusive) just in case you were wondering.

I took an ice pack with me to the appointment and went home with that between my legs in an Uber where the driver and I chatted about his vasectomy. The pain afterwards I imagine was like period pain, but less. For me it was a dull ache in my lower abdomen. Easy to get through and helps you empathise with your female lover better. Win, win. Aftercare required only 2 Nurofen, 3 times daily, for 7 days. That works to subdue any pain but also as an anti-inflammatory.

I kept ice on the area for 2 hours as instructed, drank sufficient amounts of water and got as much sleep as possible. For a week afterwards, I had a slower walk and a slight waddle (partially just to be cautious) but everything was very easy and seamless. There was a time a few days after the procedure where I became very turned on. I would highly, highly recommend that you stay away from anything arousing for at least a week, unless you like the feeling of being kicked in the gonads. That pain subsided within a few hours but remains in my heart, forever.

Now, 3 months on and everything works just as it did before. I still feel as masculine as I ever did. I can still be as sporty like I was before. I can still make love and ejaculate as if nothing happened but now, I have the freedom knowing there’s not going to be any little surprises. Overall, my vasectomy was a very easy, mostly painless and cost effective procedure. I highly recommend it.”


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