This month, Men’s Health meets Dr Tom and finds out about his mobile medical clinic, we talk to David Ratima about his blood pressure nightmare, and Lee-Anne Wann shares her Top Tips for boosting your mood. It’s also Testicular Cancer Awareness Week. Have you checked your balls lately?

Dr Tom on a Mission

We’ve been talking with Dr Tom Mulholland about his mobile clinic, reaching those who wouldn’t otherwise get to the doctor for a check-up, and tackling the health villains: sugar and smoking. Check out the great work he’s doing on his Facebook page and Website.

Dr Tom’s Website

Get Your Balls Out

This week is Testicular Cancer Awareness Week. This is the most common form of cancer for men aged 15-39. Find out how to properly check your balls, and everything else you should know about testicular cancer, on our website.

Check Your Balls

David’s Blood Pressure Nightmare

53 year old David Ratima from Tauranga woke in the middle of the night burning up, hardly able to breathe, and with tightness all over his body. He was admitted to hospital and received life saving treatment. He talked to Men’s Health about the whole experience and the harrowing journey that led up to it.

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Top Tips for Boosting Your Mood

  1. Choose foods to minimise stress, like those high in Magnesium such as dried apricots, spinach and pumpkin seeds
  2. A bout of cardio
  3. Include a probiotic in your nutrition
  4. Hydrate
  1. Mood got you down? Check out these top tips from our Health and Fitness advisor Lee-Anne Wann for getting it back.

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