This month Alastair Campbell prepares to summit a 20,000 ft Alaskan peak for mental health, Ben Edusei talks to us about how stress was making him sick, we launch the Te Reo version of our Signs & Symptoms brochure, Lee-Anne Wann shares some top tips on getting a better night’s sleep, and Men’s Health gets ready to film our new social media campaign “Goodfellas”.

Alastair Summits Alaska for Mental Health

In May 2017 Alastair Campbell, 34 yr old tech salesperson at C-Tech and life adventurer, will be climbing the highest mountain in North America to raise awareness and money for Men’s Mental Health in New Zealand. Read on to find out how he plans to do it, and more importantly, why.

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Ben’s Stress

Ben Edusei is a 31 year old wellness practitioner in Wellington. He spoke to Men’s Health about one of the most stressful times in his life, the physical symptoms that came with it, and how he eventually realised he was extremely stressed and managed to deal with it.

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Te Hauora O Te Tāne
Ngā Tohu Me Ngā Tohumate

Me pēhea e mōhio ai mō āhea toro atu ai ki te tākuta mō ngā mea e pā ana ki te tāne? The new Te Reo version of our Men’s Health Signs & Symptoms brochure will soon be available in 350 marae thoughout NZ. Check out our full range of free brochures and order them here:

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Top Tips for Better Sleep

  1. Avoid grains and sugars before bed
  2. Avoid screens before bed
  3. Make your room dark
  4. Snack on almonds
  5. Be active during the day
  6. Don’t look at the clock

Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Check out these great tips from our Health and Fitness advisor Lee-Anne Wann.

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Goodfellas Coming Soon

Stay tuned next month for the launch of “Goodfellas” – our social media campaign and web platform designed to give kiwi men the nudge they need to make good decisions about their health. It’s about engagement, community and action and features a video series profiling good kiwi fellas and what they’re doing about their own health.