Men’s Health Scholarships

men’s health scholarships

We offer a Men’s Health Scholarship to Unitec students to encourage more men into front line health services, particularly nursing. The Scholarships are for $2,000 to go towards course fees, with up to 12 Scholarships available annually, and 50 Scholarships awarded over the last four years. Applications for 2019 Scholarships open in JULY 2018.


Why men’s health scholarships?

Men are under-represented in many areas of front line health services. The Men’s Health Trust Scholarship programme is intended to:

  • Encourage men into these roles.
  • Acknowledge and reward students with an interest in men’s health.
  • Raise awareness of men’s health.



Applications must be from men who have been accepted to or currently studying a Unitec Institute of Technology nursing programme or social practice programme specialising in child protection, disability care, or palliative care.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate community involvement, academic achievement and determination to succeed. This is done through an essay submission and interview process.

The Scholarship is available to students at any level, including first year of study and postgraduate years of study. The Scholarship is open to students who have not received the Scholarship in previous years as well as students who have.

Applicants must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.


The application process

Applications are taken through the Unitec website. For more information and to apply go to their MEN’S HEALTH SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS page.

Step one of the application process involves completing the application form and submitting it with a two page essay outlining your interest in men’s health, how your course will contribute to improving men’s health outcomes, why you’d make a good advocate for men’s health, and a hypothetical project outline for improving men’s health. You’ll also be asked to submit a photo, your academic results, a written reference, and a brief paragraph explaining your financial need.

Step two of the process involves the shortlisted applicants being interviewed by a small selection panel made up of both Unitec and Men’s Health Trust representatives. Here are some sample interview questions:

  • What do you think the biggest issues we need to tackle in men’s health are and why.
  • How do you plan to make a difference to men’s health?
  • Describe ways you can be an active advocate for men’s health.
  • What are your personal experiences with men’s health? (Your own or someone you know.)
  • What career are you hoping to achieve as a result of your study?
  • We have a number of applications every year, why should we give a Men’s Health Trust Scholarship to you?


How to apply

The application process for 2019 Scholarships opens in July 2018. Applications must be made online on the Unitec website. Here is the direct link to the MEN’S HEALTH SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS page. If you’re applying, we wish you the best of luck.



All Scholarship recipients are expected to give a brief speech at the awards ceremony. Other than that, we simply wish you all the best for your studies and success. Although there is no obligation, we encourage all applicants to become further involved with the Men’s Health Trust, for example volunteering at events and writing occasional short articles for our newsletter.